Xero Introduces Inventory Management

Innovative accounting software provider Xero has just launched a new inventory management add-on that works with existing accounting platforms to automate various processes for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

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Xero – Cin7

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Here are some useful features of the add-on:

Sync inventory with the point of sale

Intelligently connect your point of sale devices to inventory records to enable inventory audits from any device and location. When an item is sold, it is automatically checked in your inventory.

Direct processing via barcode and QR code

Use retail management wizards (such as barcode and QR code readers) to enable automatic processing of records related to sales, returns, orders, and inventory levels.

Variable prices per platform/customer type

Optimize your services for specific platforms or reward loyal customers by setting flexible prices. Give discounts to customers who buy online, create sales programs or loyalty cards.

Auto order

Ensure that you can always meet customer demands and reduce administrative time by setting up your system to automatically order new stock of each product when your inventory drops below a predetermined level.

Future stock forecast

Determine when to order additional promotions or initiate sales initiatives by analyzing extensive sales records to determine the most profitable period.

By combining this add-on with Xero's existing accounting functions, you can successfully manage your finances and inventory in real-time and ensure the smooth running of your daily business activities.