Why Lithium Ion Batteries Are the Best?

In the past 10 years, there have been all kinds of different types of mobile phone batteries. Just recently cell phone makers have switched to the Lithium-Ion technology for today's cell phone batteries.

We want to herald the Lithium-Ion name and tell you why these are just hands down the best batteries to date! You can buy these rechargeable batteries online or from vape shop wholesaler.

A few years ago mobile phones used Nickel-Cadmium batteries that have a "memory" so to speak. What this means is that if you let you get up to 50% of the battery charge capacity and then charged it will start to think that at 50% capacity was completely empty.

Many of us remember how quickly the phone battery seems to die with (Ni-Cad) batteries. If you have a Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, be sure to let it run all the way down before charging to provide the correct memory parameters.

Lithium-Ion batteries have no "memory effect" of any kind. This means you can charge your phone when the battery is at 80% or when it actually dies without harming the battery. This type of battery also does not receive damage if you use a cell phone while it’s charging.

Another feature that was really great Lithium batteries is their weight. We all remember the "brick" phones were heavy. mobile phones today are lighter than before because of the new Lithium-Ion battery. The new battery packs much of a punch while requiring very little physical space.