Which one to choose – Ball Valves or Butterfly Valves?

Two types of valves dominate the industrial sector. They are the butterfly and ball valves. Although they may look very different, they actually have similar characteristics.

Both are made of metals like cast iron, stainless and brass. They can carry many different liquids and gases at various temperatures and are very durable. If you want to know more check out this.

Butterfly Valve vs. Ball Valve | Difference Between Butterfly Valve and Ball  Valve
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It is the differences between these options that will determine which valve you use.

The Design

They look very different. A ball valve is basically a ball with a hole through it, while a butterfly valve has a rotating shaft with a disk attached to it. It is not important to know what the valves look like.

How they work

A ball valve allows the hole to be partially or fully blocked to regulate the flow. A butterfly valve, on the other hand, uses the disk to allow or block the flow of liquid/gas through the valve.

The Pressures

A ball valve is better than a butterfly valve in these situations because it can open and close easily regardless of pressure. However, the butterfly valve can be more difficult to open because it is part of a disk that must fight against liquid/gas flow.

They have the best uses

Ball valves offer superior sealing, making them a great choice for use with gases. Some industries might pose a risk to safety by using butterfly valves.

They are less expensive than ball valves, and they are also easier to maintain. They are often used in large-scale projects that regulate water flows.


Both the butterfly and ball valves have similar functions, but they offer different advantages and benefits. Before you decide which valve to buy, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Valve manufacturers have a reputation for being responsive to customers’ questions. Before you make a decision between a ball or butterfly valve, all manufacturers can provide you with the advice you need.