What Do You Know About Relational AI Robots?

A social robot already provides an initial advantage. Although it is not enough to apply artificial intelligence to analyze all the interaction data and find patterns, perform simulations and predictions, and make behavioral decisions. All this has to be done, it is necessary but it is not enough.

You can also help your child by providing a misty 2 robot. In order for our brain robot behavior and personality must include the following ingredients:

  • Surprise. It has to surprise you. Not every time you interact with him. But yes from time to time. It should surprise you with what it does and the time chosen to do it.

  • Narrative. Some time ago we published a post in which we told you about the vital importance of narrative. As humans, our appetite for good stories is insatiable.

  • Novelty. In the non-routine sense. Sometimes it must be predictable: if you give him an order you want him to comply with it. But except on those occasions, you don't want to know that response B always comes after action A.

  • Play. You like to play. We do not know to what. But you like to play something safe. Because it makes you have a good time. It entertains you. You have a good time when you play. And if it is with someone else, it is better.

  • Cooperation. Do not forget that it is still a robot and is there to help you achieve your goals, within its limitations, working alongside you. For that, you want a partner: to do things together and achieve things together.