What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Ovens And Their Applications?

The ovens are heated cabins used for various industrial applications processing such as curing, baking, drying, heating, sterilization, Anil, Bonding, Tempering, Aging, etc. All of these applications are needed in a variety of industries that focus on the manufacturing end products of raw materials.

Industrial ovens used in a variety of industries both for small or large volumes. An electrical device is able to work with a variety of temperature ranges, configurations, and sizes. These devices are used in various fields of application as needed. Different types of oven and their function areas: –

Drying Ovens: As the device name indicates, it is used to remove the water content in the product. It is used in a variety of laboratory and industrial areas involved in the experiment drying. You can choose Spray-Tech/Junair to get good-quality industrial ovens.

They are also referred to as Kilns are used traditionally for the annealing process, fuse or deformation of glass products, heat treatment to the metal workpiece, melting of metals for casting, etc. they are the best industry tools for applications such as painting and pre-treat.

Curing Oven: This oven type is designed to carry out a chemical reaction in some substances while maintaining it at a certain temperature. The most common application of these ovens is the powder coating oven products.

They are widely used in the Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Home Appliance Manufacturing, Engineering, Aeronautical, Marine, Metallurgy, Electronics, etc.