Types Of Plumbing Pipes

Pipes are made up of steel, copper, cast iron and other heavier materials and they are used to distribute water and liquids.  They are commonly used for plumbing and other building construction materials. 

There are different types of plumbing pipes that will be installed at your property. Like a Galvanized pipe, plastic pipes or copper pipes these are mostly used for plumbing material. The choice of one or the other depends on where they’re used and where they need to be installed. Visit,  “Sapah Engineering Company Limited to get different types of pipes according to your needs.

Plastic pipes 

Plastic pipes are supposed to be the extensively used pipes in the modern plumbing systems. These are highly flexible, dependable, durable, lightweight and easy to fit. This is the reason why expert plumbers use these pipes in home plumbing systems. 

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Copper pipes

Plumbers use the most advanced and thickest type of pipe Type K; it is used in most of the supply systems. Most of the homeowners have full confidence in the copper lines as it can handle water pressure as well as a higher percentage of Ph level.

Galvanized steel pipes

These pipes need a lot of repairing tasks every time. They are susceptible to accumulating deposits of calcium, limescale, and other food particles.

It has a life expectancy of about 35 years, but it’s complaints are many: its interior surfaces tend to corrode over time, and the resulting buildup within the pipe tends to decrease water flow.

Other than this, pipes always last longer and the outer environment cannot break them. These pipes are easily available at all plumbing supply stores in the markets.

Each trade has its own preferred type of piping. And every pipe type requires special tools and skills in order to cut, prepare, and install.