The Advantage Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

It is an accepted fact that at one stage or another, most businesses and many people will get involved in an argument. With the increase in litigation costs and formalities, alternative dispute resolution has become the preferred dispute resolution tool. There are many companies that provide ADR services so you can get more information about the best alternative dispute resolution company via

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Arbitration is the most common ADR

There is various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options – mediation, settlement negotiation, initial neutral assessment, arbitration, moderation, mini litigation, and summary litigation. 

Most arbitrations are the result of initial disputes in which both parties have agreed to arbitration rather than the formal court system as the preferred way of resolving disputes.

The beauty of arbitration is that, unlike the judicial system where the chief judge is elected by the court, both parties have an opinion on who will be the arbitrator. Arbitrators are usually lawyers, retired judges, or experts in the field related to disputes.

Arbitration is very common in construction contracts, banking disputes, intellectual property issues, and job harassment costs, but the only area that could potentially affect us all is medical error.

Medical malpractice disputes are common

When it comes to disputes about liability or abuse, the wisest thing to do is seek the help of a specialist medical specialist or personal injury attorney who will facilitate arbitration for a fraction of the cost of litigation.

ADR advantages

o Much cheaper than a formal lawsuit

o A quieter process

o Fast and efficient

Disadvantages of LDC

o Lack of complete results

o Limited cross-examination of witnesses

o It is impossible or difficult to refuse prices