Taking Care Of Your Expensive Mattresses

Expensive mattresses are worth every penny you spend on them. However, you should be aware that you cannot clean them like you can with regular mattresses, as they are made from different materials. Regular cleaning is very essential because they can harbor dust mites, even if food or other contaminants don't get on them. The following tips will help you to keep your mattresses clean:

1. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly to remove dirt and dust mites. Make sure to vacuum everywhere and on the sides as well. It is best to use a hand cleaner because this allows you to clean with care. If you can't perform mattress cleaning alone, you definitely need the expertise of a professional mattress cleaning company.

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2. Most mattresses come with a removable cotton cover. If the care instructions say it can be washed, then you should.  Never immerse your mattress in water on purpose because it is highly absorbent and will take years to dry. In fact, mold will most likely form before it dries.

3. Mattresses absorb liquids no matter how careful you are. You can lightly spray the mattress with a vinegar-in-water solution, being careful not to soak the mattress in it. This solution will remove residual odors and will also help keep bacterial growth under control. Allow the mattress to air dry before re-covering it.

4. If there is a damp patch on your mattress, you can apply baking soda powder. It will draw out the moisture and then it can be cleaned. It has the added benefit of helping to eliminate odors.