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Tower Cranes Basic Components And Parts

Tower cranes are fixed at different construction sites for moving construction materials such as steel structures, concrete, and sandbags.

They are also utilized for carrying heavy machinery including generators, cement mixing plants, and other equipment. Zoomlion tower cranes are installed at top of the building with accurate positioning to handle heavy loads.

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Nowadays these fixtures are very vital fixtures for high-raised buildings such as hotels, restaurants, apartments, and others. At an early stage of construction, these cranes play an important part and aiding the help to the workers in keeping construction.

Tower cranes are accordingly fixed at the top and easily reach any part of the building to lift and drop heavy building materials.

Main Components:

There are various types of tower crane available but all have the same parts which as follows:

Base: This is an important part of the crane as it makes the link between the concrete and steel structure. The steel structures of tower crane are attached to the concrete pad with bolts.

The Mast: Another important part that is attached to the base, which provides the height to the tower crane. The elevator provides help to the crane operator and technician to reach the operator's cab and the arm from the base.

Slewing Unit: It is also called a mobile unit, which allows the crane to rotate almost 360 degrees. The rotation of the tower crane around its own axis and it's called slewing. This unit consists of motors and gears which enable the crane to rotate.