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All About Wooden Storage Boxes

Wooden storage boxes are certainly one option in the effort to organize. Depending on the condition and basic quality of the boxes they may be used more as a decorative item, perhaps even a table. Unfinished wood has a very "college" feel and is probably not for anyone with a job and a life after college! Given the style of box and appearance, the boxes can be a great addition, very artsy!! I'm thinking here more of wine crates, which I have used to great advantage.

If you will use wine boxes it is advisable to spray then with a mild solution of bleach, i.e. two tablespoons to about a gallon of water. The bleach will kill any lurking insect infestations and have the added benefit of making them smell clean. A good latex paint in the color of your choice should do the trick.

Not sure about the requirements of the boxes? Have an experienced and knowledgeable team that can assist you with a range of styles, sizes, and material options suitable for your shipping and product requirements. Feel free to contact us today to discuss the needs of your business in Australia.

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Wood is by nature a strong product, and again, depending on the source, will serve well as storage for vinyl records or even metal parts. Probably not a good medium to build a house with, unless you are putting up an ice house in Minnesota. If you really need wood for a house, bite the bullet and buy something appropriate.

Believe it or not, some people have no idea where to get "wooden boxes" and would pay money. I have gotten them from my local wine merchant who was actually willing to pay me to take them away. They can be stacked to a certain extent (about 3 high) but without attention will just look like bare wood and ugly.