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The Elements Of Good Website Design

The criteria for a good web design depend on the person and the purpose of each website. However, there are some conditions that you must follow to ensure that your end site is the largest possible size. 

When you design your website, especially nowadays, you should always be aware of the fact that there are multiple browsers and multiple devices that users can use to access your website. You can also look for Singapore best web design company for your website design.

                                          Image Source: "Google"

People no longer just surf the Internet from their computers and laptops. There are many portable devices that connect directly to the internet and allow users to browse your website. People can even browse your website using their cell phones. 

What do you show or what does your website focus on as it stimulates the overall design of your website: is it just text, images or videos, or a combination of these? You need to design your website accordingly. 

If you only want to publish text, try to keep it as detailed as possible because people coming to your website will be interested in your text, not images and videos.

Likewise, a website that features your Flash animation experience will require a lot of Flash work so you won't have to worry about making your website text accessible.

Follow these basic web design principles and you will have a great web design. Never forget that the main purpose of designing your website should be to create a good user experience for your visitors.  Design is not there to give in to your design whims and fantasies. So don't be tempted to complicate things unnecessarily.