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All About SEO Analytics For Websites

Website SEO analysis will influence your website in many ways that include understanding your visitors. The basic information of analysis will help you understand the number of visitors on a given day, week or even month. It will also show you the growth of your website based on traffic growth over a certain period. 

The analysis will also help you understand the top referring keywords. Understanding the top referring keywords is important as it will help you refine your SEO techniques to ensure the keywords rank highly. You can also look for local SEO marketing experts for your business.

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The analysis will also help you know domains that bring in traffic. This information is important as it will help you to refine your link building strategy. 

For example, if you find that your biggest traffic is coming from one website, you might consider linking your website with other websites that offer the same service as your biggest referrer. The analysis information will also let you know the friendliness of your website design. 

This is by analyzing how people navigate your site from the landing page to the exit page. You will also be able to understand the bounce rate. The bounce rate shows the number of visitors that left your site and the pages on which they left. This helps you modify the pages and hence increase the click-through rate.