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What Are The Different Types Of Farm Irrigation Systems?

Since irrigation is such an important part of modern agriculture today, there are many different agricultural irrigation systems for it. When properly installed, it is possible to keep acres of productive land indefinitely even when removed from any water source or when there is insufficient rainfall. Deciding on the best irrigation method for any farm requires planning, so working with an experienced irrigation company is the best option for the farmer.

Agricultural irrigation category:

Various types of irrigation systems at https://www.mvi.farm/irrigation are currently used in agriculture. Different types of irrigation systems are:


Companies that supply farms with irrigation systems have the following options for distributing irrigation water:

  • Groove Irrigation
  • Staged Irrigation in Borders

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Sprinkler Irrigation:

With sprinkler irrigation, fields of almost any size, slope, or shape can be irrigated. Below are various ways sprinklers are used in agricultural irrigation systems to distribute water over fields.

  • Manual Installation Pipe
  • Rigid Kit
  • Center hinge or other mechanical irrigation systems with mechanical movement
  • Hose reel or traveling gun system

Drip Irrigation:

Drip irrigation involves the use of small diameter poly pipes with radiators and is used to distribute water directly to the root zone of the plant in a small area. The transmitter can be installed into the pipe manually to water certain trees or plants. 


Micro-irrigation uses small volumetric sprinklers called micro-sprinklers in agricultural irrigation systems that irrigate gardens and vineyards. In most cases, a micro spray is installed at the foot of the tree to water the tree only. In some cases, a micro spray is installed between two trees. Water can be supplied to the micro-sprinklers from polyethylene or poly pipes above ground or from PVC pipes laid underground.