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Tips To Enhance Your Vaping E-Hookah Experience

When users move cigarettes filled with regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic pens, there is much confusion that new users face due to lack of understanding on how the e-cig works.

There are many ways that can make a huge amount of difference to your vaping experience. If you are new to the world of vaping. You can even try virginia tobacco – Juul pods from various online sources. 

1. Take slow and steady pull

There is no single ideal medium for electronic vaping hookahs. It depends on the taste of VAPERS. Some vapers prefer to draw a slow and steady rather than rapid. The slow drag allows you to enjoy vaping maximum. It is just like a cocktail. 

You would not drink all the cocktails at once, and with e-hookahs you do not want to take a breath after the other in a race. 

More importantly, with a slow draw a vapor can savor the taste of e-liquid completely. Vaping is savoring the myriad range of delicious flavors rather than inhaling the steam in a hurry.

2. Correct heating e-hookah

In order to get the heated hookah electronic pen, follow the technique a few puffs on. However, do not inhale the vapor.

3. The right way to breath

It is recommended to take 3-7 slow and steady shapes and give it a break. This will allow your hookah electronic pen cool slightly. 

However, if you continue to take 10 or more draws in a row, you may need to change the cartridge soon. As mentioned above, like taking puffs, e-juice slowly and steadily. Try to maintain vapor e-liquid in the mouth for at least 3 to 5 seconds before finally inhaling.