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Thumb Sucking and Oral Health for Children

Young children suck their thumbs as a natural reflex. While thumb sucking provides comfort, it can also cause dental health issues if the child doesn’t stop by a certain age. Learn the facts about thumb sucking and oral health to help keep your little one’s smile healthy.

But if your child adopts this habit for long, this may cause dental issues. You can visit the Amazon UK website and find out about the products and guide on how to prevent finger sucking.

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Why Children Suck Their Thumbs

Children have an instinct to suck their thumbs because it serves many positive purposes, including:

Feeding behavior: sucking reflex allows the baby to get the nutrients from breast-feeding and bottle feeding.

Convenience: Sucking on fingers and other objects calm the kids down and make them feel secure.

Effect on Dental Health

As you can see, sucking the thumb has many benefits. However, when a child continues to suck their thumbs after a certain age, it causes more harm than good. Continuing the behavior of all the permanent teeth begins to erupt may lead to oral health problems such as:

  • cavity
  • misaligned teeth and bite
  • gum recession
  • Changes in the roof of the mouth

In short, sucking his thumb at an advanced age can negatively affect how the mouth is growing. It can also cause damage to teeth and gums. So, what is considered a late age sucking her thumb or pacifier? Experts recommend stopping by the age of four. Many of the children are automatically stopped before it. But, you still have to make a plan to wean your child off sucking in case they remain habits.

Ways to Help Children Stop Thumb Sucking

It's not unusual for small children to suck their thumbs, fingers, and a dot for the convenience of all time, infancy, and so on. While you can take the pacifier away at some point, it is much more difficult to get kids to stop sucking their thumbs.

Unfortunately, there is some measure of harm in allowing children to suck their thumbs. This habit can have a negative impact on how teeth grow in, affects bite, and even the shape of the jaw. You can go to the Amazon Uk website to know about how to stop thumb sucking in children.

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In other words, you need to find a way to wean your child from sucking his thumb before damage can be done; here are some strategies that might want to try.

1. Be supportive

Thumb sucking is associated with calming anxiety, but as children grow up they will start to develop other coping skills. However, it can be difficult to break this habit.

2. Try to compliment

It's tempting to tell your child does or pull his thumb out of his mouth when you catch it sucked, but this can add stress to your child's feels, which encourages sucking her thumb to start. Instead, it is better to praise your child when she went for a time without sucking his thumb or use other coping mechanisms.

3. Helpful products

Some doctors prevent parents from using a product intended to prevent thumb sucking. However, given the oral health problems that may result from these activities, you might eventually have to resort to options like a lotion or nail polish is bad.