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How Do You Get Your child to stop Thumb sucking

Good question and here is the first tip. Don't scream, grumble or angry with the child whether they still suck their thumb. It will only strengthen the habit of sucking their thumb and makes it more difficult to stop it. You can stop thumb sucking , stop finger Sucking by The Hand Stopper thumb guard.

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There are several ways to make your toddler stop sucking their thumb:

1) Taste – there are products that you can put on your child's thumb which tastes bad. This, of course, is fully safe and the doctor is approved. It strengthens with the stimulus directly sucking a big thumb with a bad thumb taste.

2) Praise – when children do not suck their thumb for a certain period of time, make sure to praise the child. It offers a positive reinforcement of something well done.

3) My special shirt – this is a shirt and a specially designed behavioral pattern program to help children and parents deal with thumbs up. The program is also equipped with a professional-made agenda and supporting systems from developers.

4) More attention to children – Sucking a thumb often continues because of the insecurity and the need for comfort.

5) Older children – ask them to help choose the method they want to try. This will give them more control than stop.

There are more ways but above are all tested very well and are proven to help every toddler break the habit of sucking thumb. The most important thing to remember is to be supportive and encourage to help them stop that habit.



Tips For Thumb Sucking Prevention: Parents Need to Know

Thumb sucking is actually relevant and helpful behavior for young children. This habit is comforting and enjoyable for the child. Therefore, it is no surprise that infants suck on their thumbs or fingers during their first year. Usually, children turn to the thumbs when they are upset, tired, or simply bored.

Help your child beat the habit:

A solid reward system

The first step is to encourage your child to stop his thumbs with loads of support and appreciation. Explain to your child, in age-appropriate ways, why he needs to stop. Then, introduce an award chart system as an additional incentive to keep the sucking thumb at bay. You can also stop sucking thumb of your child by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

Avoid temptation from the nag

As we said, constant sucking of the thumb provides relief. Therefore, harassing, punishing, and criticizing the child only causes stress and potentially makes things worse. If you have a strong-willed child in your hands, they may just be defensive and even try to hide this habit from you.

Use distraction as a tool

Offer your child an alternative source of comfort, like a fun game or a plush toy. This is a great way to keep their mind when they are likely to do thumb sucking, such as in a car, at bedtime, or on their visit to the dentist!

Be patient

As with most new things, the first few days are the worst. When you feel that you have helped your child kick the habit, they can simply escape. The key is to be determined and patient and eventually, you and your little one will overcome the habit of sucking.

Thumb Sucking – How To Overcome This Behavior

Thumb sucking is a behavior that is found in many children from a very tender age. The reasons may vary from hunger, rest, enjoyment and safety. Many people give up this habit for a short time, while other parents need help to quit this habit. Letting the baby continue sucking the thumb causes dental problems, so it needs to be stopped.

Here are some ways by which parents can help children in thumb sucking:

1. Awareness: Tell them that it has an impact on his teeth and is also not good social behavior. This will make them realize that they are doing something that is not right.

2. Take a Thumb Guard: Thumb guards are simple guards that protect the thumb and prevent the child from sucking on it. Encourage the child to wear the thumb guard until he or she leaves the habit. You can buy thumb sucking protector by visiting the Amazon Australia website to prevent the child’s thumb-sucking habit.

Age 2-7) STOP Thumb Sucking - stop FINGER Sucking - The Hand ...

3. Care: It is often seen that the child wants care and thumb-sucking becomes a habit. Pay more attention to the child and ultimately, the child will get rid of the habit.

4. Reward the child: Appreciating and rewarding the child when he or she does not suck the thumb can be a motivating factor for the child to suck the thumb.

5. Distraction: Thumb sucking is unconscious behavior and as such, the child does not realize that he is sucking the thumb. Distract the child when you see they are sucking their thumb by giving activities that use both hands.

Punishing or embarrassing the child in front of others is not going to help the child to quit the habit of thumb sucking. This is only going to hurt the child's self-esteem and does not encourage him to leave the habit.

Tips About Thumb Sucking

A child's thumb sucking habit might have parents worried and may get them wondering if their kid is damaging their teeth. The sucking reflex is a natural calming habit for babies. Some kids suck their thumb for relaxation and as they get old, the habit ought to decrease. If you’re looking for the best products that can cure thumb sucking easily then you can browse this site.

Ordinarily, a pacifier will be better compared to the thumb. Pacifier customs are normally less difficult to split than the thumb as a parent could control if the pacifier moves in their kid's mouth.

Tips About Thumb Sucking

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This habit may be harmless in the event the kid just does it sometimes. But as soon as the permanent teeth start to erupt, thumb sucking might become a problem. This habit can result in a protrusion of their front teeth or an open sting which will have to be fixed after with dental therapy.

Parents must give their kid praise when they do not suck their thoughts, rather than penalizing them when they perform. Concentrate more on the reason the kid is sucking their thumb. Involve the kid with choosing a quitting method, if they're older. Get an expert to describe the effects of thumb sucking on kids.

If parents notice that a substantial issue with their kid's teeth and the custom is becoming worse, a custom crib might be cemented into halt the thumb sucking. This will be dependent on what the orthodontist advocates. The custom crib may make it difficult for your child to suck on the thumb, and it might take away the satisfaction of sucking.

The wires of this crib stop the thumb from touching the teeth behind the upper, upper teeth. With no calming satisfaction, the kid typically no longer requires the habit. The very first night together with the appliance may be a sleepless night for your kid, on account of how a number uses the thumb to drop asleep.