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How to Maintain Your Dust Collector

The inception of the dust collector has allowed companies to effectively capture airborne particulate from an air stream. This has become more important for several reasons. First, containing particulate -toxic or not – is necessary to provide a healthy and clean work environment.

Second, increasing local and global awareness of air pollution, containment and the process dust in industrial applications has emphasized the importance of dust collectors. You can also browse online to find out about the best dust collection system.

Finally, expanding regulations have pressured companies to properly design, install, operate and maintain dust collection equipment.

Follow our list of helpful procedures to keep your dust collector healthy and efficient.

1. Create an Inspection / Maintenance Program – A typical program consists of a schedule of periodic inspections which are carried out daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and annually. Failure to check the dust collector regularly can adversely affect its operation.

2. Don't go Over the Recommended Pressure Drop – Sometimes referred to as differential pressure. This is the static resistance in the filter when you work with a dust collector with positive or negative pressure.

3. Make sure the cleaning system is cleaned properly – This device uses a variety of cleaning systems to remove any remaining baking powder from the filter media. This system includes return air, whisk or pulse purge.

4. Choose the Correct Exhaust Fan – The dust collection system requires an exhaust fan to accelerate the ventilation air from the entry point through the duct filter media and dust collector and through the exhaust gas buildup.