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Different Types of Microphones

PC microphones are available in a wide assortment of styles and can be used for many purposes. There are microphones that are ideal for gaming, or for use in a corporate office or at home, or microphones that are just to chat. This article will help you choose the best microphones for each of these uses.

Microphone Headsets

The microphone headset can be used for almost all the needs I listed above. You discuss, talking to business contacts, dictating voice recognition software, recording a video or sound clip, or play games online there is a helmet for you. Most headset or smartphone microphones are also headphones that help keep other people listen to the conversation.

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Desktop Microphones

Desktop microphones work well in situations where several people in the room can collaborate in exchange or registration. No headphones so the sound can be clearly heard by everyone and everyone can speak into the microphone to be heard. This works well for meetings or talks when the whole family is present.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones could look like standard headsets, lapel microphones, or headphones such as Bluetooth microphones. Perfect for multitasking, these microphones means you can maintain your mobility while dictating documents, talking to contacts, video and audio recording, or even just to chat. In fact, avid gamers love these also because they are not to worry about cables getting in their way.