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SAP Integration For All Sectors

SAP is becoming increasingly popular with a number of public sector organizations such as councils, universities and government facilities. But what makes SAP and ERP so attractive to the public sector?

Bureaucracy transformation

SAP solutions are used to maximize the limited resources available in the public administration to change the slow bureaucratic process. Public sector organizations often consist of various departments and functions and achieve organization-wide adherence to processes and procedures take time and more often than not impossible.

SAP supports the functions of public sector organizations to help them meet service and performance targets is essential for organizational success. A flexible SAP Integration using SAP IDOC that can be integrated with the organization's shared services, SAP collates the information with the organization to create an organization-wide collaboration.

Integration and collaboration can be achieved through specific support for:

  • Human Resources
  • government procurement
  • Public sector accounting
  • social services
  • social security
  • management organization
  • Tax and Revenue Management

Sector Specific Benefits

SAP for Public Sector protects and utilize costly IT investment, maximizing the life cycle and reduce the total cost of IT ownership. Based around its NetWeaver platform, integrating SAP and non-SAP systems combine today to create a framework for future developments. Extensive level training available to all users of SAP, including the training of advanced programming that can reduce the need for external consultants.

SAP maximize organizational decision-making capabilities, providing them with organization-wide transparency and provide information and insight directly in a secure way. SAP encourages innovation in the Public Sector organization, maintaining a sustainable cost structure and improve the effectiveness of risk management procedures.