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Reasons that Leads to Sewer Smell in the Basement


The smell coming from the basement can be due to a few reasons. Some of the reasons include; ejector pit seals badly, floor drain that is being dried out, sewer line that is damaged etc. if you wish to know the reasons causing the bad smell coming from the sewer in a little brief, these are a few you should know.

  1. Floor Drains – The floor drains are probably the number one and most common reason leading to bad smells. Moreover, the smell is caused due to less usage of floor drains leading to condensation (drying up). The floor drains are made to trap the smell from entering the house. However, due to less usage, the smell starts to enter into the house.
  2. Ejector Pit and Pump – Houses with overhead sewer lines are required the ejector pit to be sealed properly. The sealing is done to ensure the wastewater gets collected. However, if the sealing goes missing, then the bad smell starts to enter the house.
  3. Vents – The appliances and fixtures are sometimes not properly vented leading the bad smell to enter the house. A great way of tackling this problem is by ensuring the laundry rooms and bathrooms are properly vented.
  4. Sewer Line – If the sewer line has any form of damage, then it can lead to bad smell. If this is the case and the leak is located near the house, then the wastewater starts to enter the ground later into the house.

If you find these problems, then hiring the best plumbers in Coffs Harbour area will solve the problem.