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Funeral Homes Can Host Celebration

Funeral homes don't have to be depressing places. Of course, when someone dies it is a loss and a sad experience for the survivors. Tears are a natural part of saying goodbye to a loved one. In a person's life, however, there have also been joyful events that are cause for celebration. In some circles, even the name of the event has changed to just that: a celebration of life.

Good Times

In a customize memorial, loved ones of the deceased are asked about the good times. Was the person a loving parent or grandparent? Did he or she adore animals? Was the person a world traveler or a homebody? All of these can be acknowledged during the ceremony at funeral homes.

The good times can be commemorated with photos, props, and souvenir booklets for attendees to look at or take home with them.

Circle of Memories

Instead of viewing caskets, some funeral homes allow space for a circle of chairs to surround a memory alter. In this space, some of the deceased favorite books, jewelry, clothing, artwork, or other beloved objects are placed. Depending on the space, even motorcycles, beloved dogs, cats, or barbecue grills can be brought into the circle. Mourners can sit in the chairs and share stories of how the person impacted their life.

Not only is this a healing experience for the person who shares his or her story, but it's also healing for every person who hears it.