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Know About The Scary Pathfinder Movie

A young Viking boy called Ghost Karl Urban ends up being chosen by a Red Indian tribe residing on the northeastern shore of older North America.

Growing as an outcast his whole life, the village elder comforts the currently mature Red Indian/Viking hybrid & tells him that he's one of their own. You can find the best scary paranormal horror movies via online source.

 paranormal horror movies

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He's attracted to a young Red Indian woman of some other tribe named Starfire (Moon Bloodgood) and also the romance continues from the film despite the destructive atmosphere.

One day, while out hunting in the mountains, he hears the conflict horn of those marauding Vikings. His entire tribe is massacred by them & he was sadly unable to do anything else about it. Left alone & sought from the Vikings, he manages to fight them with his ability to use the organic elements & his Viking sword.

The ghost is wounded, taken with an arrow at the Pathfinder picture. The movie features the fighting abilities, weapons, & warring clinics of both the Red Indians & Vikings cultures.

Ghost, mortally wounded, is found by a neighboring village tribe. He's treated & warns them of the impending doom. The Red Indians fare little chance against the larger, armored & better armed Vikings.

Thus, many Red Indian villagers decide to run. The Pathfinder film directed by Marcus Nispel shows that throughout the era, the Red Indians were using wooden & stone spears as weapons.

Ghost plans to return the fight to the Vikings & places traps for them in the Pathfinder movie.