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Natural Health And Beauty – Using Essential Oils For Healing Your Skin

Trends in health and attractiveness are putting more confidence in the effectiveness of organic and natural ingredients. Skin care is no exception, with more girls coming to understand the purity of what they apply on their skin is equally as important as that of what they consume.

The skin is the biggest organ and is normally permeable to chemicals set on it. This is particularly important in healing wounds, for the skin may be broken and more sensitive. Enter essential oils; these powerful plant-derived medicines have been used for many years for treating skin conditions, enhancing the beauty and promoting wellness.  For example, the organic sunflower oil is derived from the sunflower plant and can be used as skin care oil.

Oils have been found particularly useful for regenerating skin that has suffered from accidents or surgery, or has their remaining signs in the form of keloid, acne, or other scars. Certain essential oil blends can speed healing time, reduce or eliminate scars from recent wounds and even greatly diminish the appearance of old ones.

There are a few main essential oils used in skincare that offer their antimicrobial properties; those oils may be utilized in low concentrations, and are usually well-tolerated – more than many synthetic components.

The most significant of them can be Helichrysum italicum, also called Everlasting oil. This wonderful oil is distilled from the daisy-like flowers of the herb. It has a lovely earthy aroma and, despite it's apparent expense, works in very low concentrations (only a few drops per tablespoon of your total blend). Helichrysum is strongly anti-inflammatory and contains powerful regenerative molecules unique to this oil only.