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Requirements And Procedures To Obtain Italian Citizenship

If you want to obtain Italian nationality, you need to apply to the Minister of the Interior by way of the commune's mayor in the region you reside or overseas, through the regional Italian consulate.

A tax must be paid and you have to also swear devotion to the Italian nation and prospective observance of Italian constitution and legislation . Based on the form of program, you'll need to submit some records for example:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certification of home (if it's the case)
  • Certificate of Italian citizenship of mother or dad (where asked )
  • Certification of criminal record (or licensed absence of one)
  • Union certificate.

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italian citizenship requirements

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There are numerous ways by which someone can turn into an Italian nationwide and all these are the primary kinds:

By bloodstream (descent) right: A child born into an Italian family is also an Italian nationwide; until 1948, it wasn't feasible for the Italian mother to give citizenship to her child; moreover, a child born in Italy of stateless or unidentified parents can also be automatically Italian.

By marriage with an Italian nationwide : It could only be refused to people using a severe criminal record (either out of Italy or on its own land ) or into those regarded as a danger to the public security and national security; no vocabulary checks are necessary for your upcoming partner to clear, but it's essential that the marriage continues through the procedure for program for Italian nationality;