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Complete Your Perfect Makeup Look With Lipstick

When used properly, lipsticks not only look classy, they last longer than lip gloss. But both of them are highly known for adding a modern look to the face. You can buy the best quality glosses and lipsticks from any online store.

Neutral Smokey Eye & Red Lips Makeup Tutorial - YouTube

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When wearing bold colors, your skin tone should look as even as possible – especially around your mouth. So apply a clean foundation to your face and neck. Make sure your lips are not dry or scaly by drinking lots of water and using a good lip balm.

First, find a lipstick that has enough pigment to stay on track but also has a built-in shine so it doesn't look heavy. Use your ring to color your lips around the curves of Cupid – this will add dimension and a fuller look. 

For a soft finish, use a wide, flat brush to buff the lip lines. If your natural lip line is uneven, trim the edges with a clean lipstick. Remember to always use a liner that is exactly the same color as your lipstick – never darker. Fix any blemishes with an undercover brush.

If lips are thin, use a marker or pen to make the lines longer, then apply lipstick using a wide flat brush to the new lines as described above. If your pencil is very prominent, apply the lipstick evenly without centering the color.

Match Your Skin Tone – Light pink is a great color for spring – but the darker your skin tone, the richer the pigment. If you are Asian, go for a lighter pink or brownish color. black skin can be removed with a touch of burgundy or brown.