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How to Find Vocabulary Words to Study for Your ASVAB?

If you dream of joining the United States Armed Forces, you have to go through a rigorous application process that includes a military version of the entrance examination called the Armed Forces Professional Skills Package, or ASVAB. Click on this link https://www.andysasvabclass.com to learn about the vocabulary that comes in the ASVAB test.

One of the most difficult parts to learn about ASVAB is the Dictionary of Knowledge Section (WK). This is because questions aren't asked so you can get answers based on knowledge of other information. 

The question is very clear. You give your words. You will be asked to identify words or definitions, synonyms or words that are different from those described.

If you don't have a large vocabulary, you cannot answer these questions. The best way to learn more about the ASVAB dictionary section is to continually work to expand your vocabulary. This means that you have to learn new words regularly and keep practicing.

First look for ASVAB resources. If you pick up a book from ASVAB, you will likely find a list of suggested vocabularies. Take these words. Print it. Cut them into small pieces of paper and keep them in your pocket to study them as flashcards, or even get a set of ASVAB flashcards that were previously made from a dictionary.