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Legally Acquire A Medical Marijuana Card

Compassionate Use Act (CUA) is a measure that legalized the use of marijuana solely for therapeutic purposes and this act was passed in 1996 legalizing citizens of the state of California to use and grow marijuana as an additional treatment option for their disease.

The California law approving marijuana grow growing and harvesting of plants for personal use. It is however limited to only six plants per household to eligible patients. It is the only country that can grow marijuana among fourteen states in the United States in spring 2009. You can check this organitek.com/ if you want to know more about marijuana. 

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Marijuana, however, is a drug and is classified as a Schedule I under federal law as such, it is illegal for doctors to prescribe it and pharmacies to dispense it. So how can they use illegal drugs as a legal way? Well, there are steps to make it happen.

California law allows marijuana grows eligible patients and their caretakers were appointed to eight ounces of dried marijuana. In addition, Senate Bill 420 approved drug paraphernalia in larger quantities during prescribed by a doctor.

Before you can get an identity card, you should consult with a licensed physician. Keep in mind that the doctor cannot prescribe the use of drugs but can write recommendations for the patient to do so. Doctors also must make written records that he wrote the recommendation, the reasons and shall affix his signature.

Doctors usually recommend medical marijuana treatment for patients with chronic pain and their general activities will be disrupted if treatment is not given. It is important to remember that not all consultations led to recommendations of medical marijuana treatment.