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Helpful Information about Masonry Repairs

The term masonry covers is a structure built using mortar such as bricks, blocks, cement, stone and so on. Most of the damage to the stone in the house is caused by natural disasters or structural problems. At this point, it is highly recommended that you call in a structural engineer to assess the damage.

Repair brick

There are different types of brick house repairs that are necessary for a new or old home.  There are various signs of improvement needed in the brick house for example in cracks, broken bricks, mortar cracking and splitting bricks. Most of this improvement is due to the structural problems of the home.

Stone repair

Much like a stone repair, brick repair tends to be more challenging for masons because prices are higher than the brick repair. The signs of the broken stone similar to the bricks and they include cracks, cracked stone, and mortar cracking and splitting the rock wall. Best Masonry repair in Edmonton can also give your building an amazing look with a variety of cultured stone types.


Block is the kind of material that holds a lot of weight and is usually used as a support to the existing structure.


In some parts of the country people use more cement brick, block or stone, but what most people do not know about this type of material is that there are contractors who specialize in this material. Repair cement is as harmless as brick, stone or block repair because cement does not support this type of structure.