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Principles of Church Growth

The growth of the Church can be formally defined as the science that studies the nature, function, and health of Christian churches, as they relate to the effective implementation of the Great Commission.

The growth of the churches on Long Island is both a theological conviction and applied science, seeking to combine the eternal principles of the Word of God with the best knowledge of contemporary social and behavioral sciences.

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As a science, it requires measurement, research, and evaluation. It is not bad to look at the facts. If effective ministry is important for Christians, they measure the results. Is the church growing? New members are added? Are they the other churches transfers, or they include new Christians (converted)? How many have been added this year compared to last year? How many people are involved in the weekly Bible study? How are trained to attend?

Diagnosing Church diseases according to biblical principles, prescribed ways to health a reality. Jesus Christ, the head of the church does not get sick. He is perfect. But the rest of the body will fall sick.

It is convenient, it is not only the theory. We are not interested in the production of an investigative study to keep the platform to dust. The investigation of the nature, function, and health of Christian congregations is a mean to an end. Our objective is the effective implementation of the Great Commission of God.