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Ways Of Maintaining HP Laptop Batteries

Estimated HP laptop battery life is one of the most important questions for every HP customer. There are several factors that extend battery life and maximize battery life. HP laptop batteries have a charging cycle of 200 to 500 before stopping charging. 

The charging cycle starts with charging your laptop battery to its maximum, then fully releasing it and leaving it to sleep, and then fully charging. The difference in the number of charge cycles depends on the maintenance of the laptop.

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HP laptop batteries are products with sophisticated designs and superior craftsmanship. Laptop batteries, however, require optimal care to provide optimal service. Here are some cans that consumers should not follow to ensure longer battery life.

Some practices that must be avoided are:

  • Do not leave the battery in a place with a very high or low temperature. Direct sunlight and excessive dust or dirt can damage electronic components and thus reduce service life.
  • Exposure to extreme cold temperatures is not recommended, because moisture will form in the battery when returning to normal temperatures. This damages the electronic card.
  • Avoid removing the battery and don't try to shorten it manually.
  • Try not to discard the battery too often before turning it on.
  • Do not leave the battery in the laptop while charging for a long time. If you keep the battery in a constant charge condition, the battery life will be shortened.

Some guidelines to follow are:

  • Calibrate your laptop battery every two months.
  • Reduce hard drive activity by defragmenting the hard disk regularly.
  • Disable starting elements when these elements enter virtual memory and are added to the beginning of the CPU.
  • Remove the battery from your laptop if you won't use it for a week or more.