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Great Dog Training Techniques

A dog provides unconditional love and friendship to a caring owner. A well-trained dog increases your pleasure and satisfaction ten times over, as compared to an untrained dog. Studies have shown that a well-trained dog is a happier and more content animal than one who is not.

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The following are examples of some great dog training techniques you can use to teach your dog some basic obedience skills:

The Sit Command –

This is the most common and basic command you can teach your dog and should probably be the first thing you teach him. Using treats as a reward for good behavior works well for most exercises. You will need a leash tied to your dog's collar to hold it in place.

Show your dog a treat you have in your hand and hold it above his head, so he's looking up, then say, "Sit down." Sometimes your dog will automatically sit up with a treat above your head.

The Lie Down Command –

As soon as your dog has mastered the command to sit, you can move on to the "Lie down" command. A treat is also used to achieve this. First, ask your dog to "sit down". Don't give him the pleasure to sit down. When he sits down, you should hold the snack in your hand and hold it very close to the floor in front of him and say "Lie down".

Stay Command –

The stay command is slightly more sophisticated than the Sit and Lie command. It's important to choose the right time to work with your dog using the "stay" command. Knowing your own dog and when he has a calm or gentle temperament is important.

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Added task leaves many dog owners with the responsibility of taking litter of dogs for the weekend, just as the football season starts.

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With the danger of dog feces, it is also important for parents to have a clean page for their dogs to play in so that they do not pull a companion dog in any unwanted parasites, bacteria or disease on their feet.

That last reason we will talk about why Pooper Scooper convenient services is because they keep the dog feces picked up consistently.

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