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Keyless Door Locks Make Changing Access Rights Much Easier

Keyless door locks you can enter credentials to unlock where  as metal key are required for traditionl ones. In the past, building owners literally have to dismantle the old locks, install new ones and distribute new keys. This is very inefficient compared with keyless door lock that can be changed digitally without having to physically replace key installation.

There are some occasions where building managers have to change locks. It could be a set of master keys missing and there is danger looming invasion buildings. In case you are looking for digital door locks in Australia then you can check https://www.kaadas.com.au/products.

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It could be an employee quit their jobs and do not bother to return their keys. With keyless door lock, only the physically damaged key will deserve real substitute. If not, the key can be changed digitally using the access panel or computer.

Even more convenient with a broken lock keyless locks because there is no need to redistribute or even reprogram key. Instead a new key can be programmed to accept the old key, which adds a higher level of comfort for the building and the security administrator.

For keyless locks that accept PIN code, changing the locks can be as easy as sending an email new code to the relevant parties. For sophisticated locks that use prox cards or key fobs, key change means simple reprogramming of the access key. Other systems using biometrics. In this case, the biometric scan can be added or removed from the system database in seconds.