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How to Select the Real Estate Agent Vs Broker

You probably aren't the only person who is confused about the difference between a property agent and a real estate broker. Your confusion is understandable because there are both similarities and important differences.

Actually, to complete the sale or purchase of your home, you will need services from real agents and brokers – but not at the same time, and not for the same purposes.

Let's start with a very simplified description of every Real Real representative:

Property agents are people who are licensed to sell property. Real estate agents cannot work independently: He must work under the supervision of property brokers.

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The property broker is also licensed to sell property but has taken additional education courses and passed the Broker License Exam. Brokers can work fully independently, or can hire agents to work with them in brokers, or can be co-brokers, work with other brokers in shared business relationships.

Become a plantation agent

Each country has special requirements to become a real agent. Requirements vary, but generally include the settlement of the minimum number of property classes and passes the real estate exam to be licensed.

Property brokers are a licensed agent with a number of years of real estate experience and who chooses to get a license broker. Agents will be asked to complete an additional property-related course, pass the brokerage exam mandated by the state and become a license as a real estate broker.