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Tips to Follow that will keep your items safe in Hostel


In the earlier days, hostels were never preferred by travelers. However, that impression has changed with modern hostels being preferred by many. Although it sounds convincing to stay in a hostel, one needs to be carefully of their belongings. These tips will help you to keep your items safe and less worried.

  1. Read a few Reviews – If you wish to know a few details about the hostels safety and security, one needs to go online. Make sure you read reviews of previous travelers who have stayed in the hostel that you are interested in. However, a 5-star review does not mean that the hostel offers the best safety and security. It could mean the opposite.
  2. Avoid Flashing your Items – If you are supposed to bring expensive items such as the likes of a camera lens, laptops or jewelry, then you need to avoid flashing those items. You could become an easy target in the eyes and minds of other travelers if you constantly show your expensive items.
  3. Bring a Padlock – Lockers may be provided by the hostel to you. However, you shouldn’t depend on it completely. Bring a padlock comprising of a number mechanism to ensure safety to your items.
  4. Carry it – During peak times, lockers get full and you won’t stand a chance to get one. During such an occasion, try to carry your items wherever you travel. It may be heavy but you will be less worried.

Make sure you follow these tips while staying in hostels of Lombok to ensure safety to your items.