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The Guide To E Hookahs – Its Benefits And More

While electronic hookah has gained tremendous popularity over the years, there is still a lack of knowledge about it. People wonder how a small stick generates vapor and provides a similar smoking experience despite containing no tobacco and no tar. If you want to get high-quality shisha and accessories, then search the browser.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding e-hookahs:

How does an e-hookah look?

Electronic hookahs are slightly similar to e-cigarettes. It's just that, e-hookahs have colorful sticks and are larger.

How does it work?

No matter what brand of vaporizer you buy, any standard e-hookah or vaporizer contains Lithium-ion batteries, an atomizer which is a heating device, and an e-liquid. 

The heating element can be an atomizer, or a cartomizer, which holds and heats the e-juice and thus produces vapor. The atomizer always needs to have a steady supply of e-juice to make vapor.

How safe or better e-hookah is compared to regular cigarettes?

Vaporizers are a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes as they don't contain tobacco or tar. Tobacco contains various cancer-causing chemicals. And tar is considered as a major reason for causing lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. 

A vaporizer is devoid of both these harmful substances and thousands of other toxic chemicals and yet provides a similar premium smoking experience.

How many types of e-hookahs are available?

Users can choose either rechargeable vaporizers or disposable ones. A rechargeable e-hookah uses a battery to provide you up to 1200 puffs from a single charge. You can use rechargeable ones in a variety of flavors. 

A disposable e-hookah offers up to 800 puffs and comes with a single flavor. They too provide thick vapors along with a very smooth taste. While rechargeable ones are best for heavy vapers, disposable e-hookah is fine for beginners.