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How To Choose The Right Sports Gloves

When shopping for gloves for the first time, the first question many buyers usually ask is the difference between the gel and the traditional foam padding.

Generally, the gel provides a better impact resistance because it increases shock absorption with the distribution of a shock to the large surface area. You can also buy gym punching gloves via https://southernxfitness.com.au/collections/gloves-mitts

Many professional fighters recommend gel pads for comfort and do not lose their shape even after repeated impacts.

The selection of gloves is highly dependent on the choice of its user sport. For example, if the user practices muay Thai, he needs gloves that would allow him to take and use their hands to give the knee attack.

Boxing Gloves / Mitts

This means that the gloves must be flexible enough to allow the opening of a free hand. On the other hand, a cardio kickboxer will require a thick glove and have more padding for hitting heavy bags and mitts focus means heavy impact. This means that a glove that can offer as much protection as possible for kickboxers hand is necessary.

A professional boxer will require a lightweight glove that will allow for the easy movement of the hand, which is an important factor in making a fist.

While some general competition rules regulate the use of gloves, boxers usually prefer gloves that make it easy to deliver a blow heavy impact – and that means a lightweight glove. Furthermore, it would be easy for a boxer to hold his hand to protect themselves with gloves lightly.

You should invest in a pair of gloves if you plan to practice one of the following sports: boxing, kickboxing, boxing cardio, muay Thai, MMA (mixed martial arts), the main battle, karate, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, judo, and krav maga.


First, ask your instructor when you decided to take the proper gloves. Gloves that looks most flattering or otherwise the cheapest does not always mean the best. It is important that the pair you buy will last for a long time. so you may have to invest a little in your first pair but it was worth it.

Here are tips to consider when buying a pair of gloves you:

  • If you’re into martial arts where you need to use your hands, you need a more flexible glove.
  • If you hit a heavy bag and mitt you need protection at the front end of the glove, so you will need thick pads.
  • If you are training to get in the ring, you need heavier gloves
  • If you are competing in the ring you need a lightweight glove

If you hit the speed bag, double end bag or something lighter you can buy a bag gloves only for that purpose and may find boxing gloves quite complicated.