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Ford’s Power Stroke Diesel Technology

Diesel engines have received a bad reputation in the United States because of the amount of emissions they produce.

However, it seems the wheels are indeed spinning and the reputation of diesel engines is slowly changing as car manufacturers continue to develop ways to equip their vehicles with clean diesel engines. If you want to know more about the ford diesel performance parts, then you can look at this source: Strictly Diesel – Diesel Performance Parts.

One such company is Ford Motor Company which has introduced their new Power Stroke diesel technology. The new one promises good performance from the engine while maintaining the same emission level as the gasoline engine. The engine will be a workhorse for the new Ford F-Series Super Duty 2008 and has received much praise for its fuel efficiency.

The massive 6.4 liter Power Stroke diesel engine has better performance than the previous diesel engine used by Ford. This technology also reduces emissions and NVH or noise, vibration and violence. High engine performance and low emissions are two things that are preferred.

In fact, a new generation of clean diesel engines is taking over the European market and Ford hopes to do the same in North America. Ford hopes to launch the technology successfully because a large number of Super Duty buyers choose to use diesel engines under its hood.

The great thing about the engine is that it doesn't show turbo lag and according to Richard Truett, an engineering reporter for Automotive News, "I've never felt that kind of performance from diesel before." This he stated after going 60 to 65 miles per hour while towing.