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Is The Second Amendment Outdated?

The next amendment to the constitution provides United States citizens the right to own and carry a firearm anywhere in this nation. Why would the people founding and announcing a new nation called the United States of America want all citizens to have a firearm? 

The solution is still the same, protection and food. Bear in mind, rights aren't exactly like privileges, where driving is a privilege, but voting is a right. In retrospect, having a firearm is the right, not a privilege. 

It appears the people founding this nation expected everyone to get and use a firearm coaching. Training to use the firearm came naturally by clinic shooting food or protection. However, sanctioned firearms training wasn't required because most families used a gun daily.

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Some people today say they don't have a weapon nor do they wish to get a firearm. They don't carry or possess a weapon based on the assumption one will never be demanded. 

This assumption seems based on feeling relatively secure in yourself even understanding, at least, considering people around you're carrying a gun. 

The same scenario plays out daily since the huge majority of individuals owning firearms feel the exact unequaled sanctity for life since most humans feel. 

If the example is given faith, then the proof talks for itself. Historically, civilizations don't wreak havoc because individuals have always felt compelled to defend the innocent over the fear of their attacker. .