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Best Ways to Fake a Suntan

It is very embarrassing to be known as the palest person in your circle of friends. If you do not have time to sunbathe, a summer tan could be hard to get. If you want to stop glowing white out there, learn how to fake a summer suntan. Tanning beds are a great option. If you want to fake your summer tan then tanning beds are a great option for you.

Your skin will be bronzed in no time. When you begin to use tanning beds you should always start with short sessions without much light. In a short span of time, by adding a few minutes each time, you'll end up with a natural looking tan.

Freckle Stain from airbrushing are another viable alternative to more traditional methods. Any beauty salon can tan your body for about 60 dollars. A professional will get it perfect and it will last several weeks.

Spray tan booths are a great option. If getting airbrushed is not in the budget consider a spray booth for your tanning needs. For about 20 dollars, you get into a booth to get sprayed from all directions with tanning color. Since the stalls are narrow and dim, this method is probably not the best way to get a faux tan for people who are claustrophobic.

After you come out of the booth, the extra tan spray is removed from your body, which helps to make the automatic tan spray application smoother. Also, these kinds of tans last several weeks, but it does depend on how many times you take a shower, perspire or go swimming.