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Smallest Linux Distro That Runs on RAM

Did you know that there are  Linux distributions that run entirely from the computer's RAM? Actually, this is not surprising at all coming from a Linux wondrous community that offers a variety of operating systems. Distro's that run on RAM show a great advantage since it allows a faster-paced reading and writing data than any solid-state or hard drive. And can even run from a separate flash drive or USB stick. So here are a few OS that might interest you as a new Linux user. Today we are going to talk about a Linux distribution that runs entirely on the computer's RAM. It's called Damn Small Linux and if the name doesn't convince you, well right off the bat, Damn Small Linux packs all its modern features and design to fit on 50 MB. It is indeed small and super light. You can use Etcher Portable to install it and you can download it easily from the https://etcher.download/ website.

Etcher Portable

It comes close to Tiny Core OS, it provides a GUI-based operating system and functional applications for users out there. So what are things you can do with this Damn Small Linux? Well, you can listen to your music, set-up a small server, can read pdf files, write scripts as a hobby, create mini spreadsheets with Siag and install Windows 2000 if you want to resurrect an old computing machine. In any case, this distro is intended for ancient old systems. But don't get your hopes up, sadly it is restricted to a 16:9 (1366×768) resolution which is the standard dimensions we have us of now, and if you have any documents or files that use 2010 to the latest office versions, Damn Small Linux can't read nor open it. And it sucks since it won't provide easy navigation or surfing whenever you want to browse a web page. Don't be discouraged though it does have limitations, it can be upgraded to Debian-compatible, or experiment with a live CD to test it, install on a USB stick and it has tools you need. Not pretty damn useless, isn't it?