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Common Scenarios That May Require Emergency Dentist Assistance

It is impossible to predict when a dental emergency may occur. This can happen when you are least prepared for a medical emergency, such as at a ceremony or party. You may have chipped teeth or notice bleeding gums after falling on the floor or in an accident.

These injuries can lead to infections or other health problems. You may even need emergency dental care for severe toothaches that can spread to your ear via the nerves along the zygomatic arch. You can also consult with an emergency dental service provider in Tacoma over the internet.

Whether you are at home or out, some scenarios may require emergency dental care. In such cases, it is advisable not to wait for your next appointment with your dentist.

1. Cracked/Chipped Teeth

A cracked tooth may lead to a serious health problem as the injury may spread to the inside of the fractured tooth. Hence, it is vital to immediately contact a dentist in the aforementioned scenarios. A dentist may flatten the uneven surface of the chipped teeth or may repair it with a composite filling material.

2. Partially dislodged or loose tooth

Partially displaced or misaligned teeth may even require emergency dental treatment. In these cases, it is important to seek emergency dental care. Your dentist can maintain and restore loose teeth through emergency visits.