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Truth About Real Estate Courses

I am a Real Estate Investor. I personally bought property in 3 states, controlled millions of dollars in real estate and had brought the entire portfolio without a down payment. I have also invested thousands of dollars into advertised real estate courses and can honestly say that most of the courses and "mentoring" arrangements that I have taken have not made me even a dime.

This is what I see. Someone enters TV and advertises how you can buy real estate without money, without experience, and without credit. You can switch from zero to billionaire in no time and all you need is knowledge. After you learn how to do it, you can become like many "gurus" who share a wealth of knowledge with you. You can ‘search for project management course via www.neak.no/utdanning/studier/prosjektledelse/’ (which is also known as ‘prosjektledelse kurs via www.neak.no/utdanning/studier/prosjektledelse/).

It upsets me to see so many people who are tricked into believing that you can build a successful real estate investment business by taking courses, getting lots of material for thousands of dollars and becoming an instant success. From an investor who has lost more than bought the items he wants to admit, I want to leave you with a few nuggets to consider;

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1) It is impossible to build a successful business without money, without credit, and without experience – see whatever business you want and if you examine what is needed to start a business and what is needed to grow it to become successful.

2) Most teachers tell you that they use personal money. But no one tells you where or who their personal money comes from. Some show you how to improve your own property (by finding someone with cash who will invest in your property). Private lenders lend based on the relationship with the borrower.

3) Many of these courses focus on the fact that buyers of their programs do not know how this business really works. Get some books about real estate and start reading on your own. Talk to other investors to get ideas. Stop thinking you could spend a few thousand dollars and end up rich. That is not the norm, just an exception.