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Styles Of Wood Design


Pine is another popular wood used in the manufacture of furniture and other interior design features. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is readily available, is beautiful and pocket friendly too. Check over here the approx cost of pinewood.

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It emits a subtle but distinct aroma pleasing to the space it is installed and looks much like a contemporary interior and modern style.

Alder Wood

It has a stunning appearance and subtle grain patterns of a light brown colour. Its grains are significantly more right than hardwoods such as ash or oak.

Alder wood is used for all types of custom woodworking projects and experts sand and stain this to achieve the desired texture. 

Beech Wood

This is a fine and elegant wood that can be creatively used in a variety of features inside. It has a grain law with consistent texture and moderate natural glow. 

Wood Lyptus

This robust species origin Brazilian wood is dark in colour and is similar to Honduran mahogany and black cherry in appearance. It is even, straight grain and medium texture can be sanded and given a unique look. 

This wood is used for flooring, interior cabinets, millwork, and turned objects. The overall appearance of Lyptus Wood is luxurious and elegant