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Benefits Of Using A Commissary Kitchen For Your Food Truck

It acts as a "home base" for your food truck

Especially in big cities, finding a place to store food trucks outside of working hours can be a challenge. 

Many commissary kitchens offer their tenants free parking so you can easily store your food truck between shifts! In some areas, that alone can be worth the cost of renting a space at your local commissary kitchen. You can quickly expand your food business with the help of a commissary kitchen.

More space for food preparation and storage

Honestly, even the most demanding food trucks provide little space to prepare or store food. As a result, many food truck owners face warehousing challenges. 

This often leads to selling out due to the inability to store sufficient groceries. A large refrigerator in the kitchen is a great way to keep your groceries cool at night. Learn more about how food trucks keep food cold here.

With the help of the commissary kitchen, your team will get enough space to prepare meals and can work efficiently. Plus, the extra storage space for extra food means you can serve every customer that comes to your window!

Access to special equipment is too good for a food truck

Let's say you're excited to start a food truck selling donuts. The only problem is, you won't have access to the frying pan you need to make your delicious treats! This is where the commissary kitchen comes in handy.