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Ways Chakra Cleansing Meditation Improves Your Life in Encino

Doing chakra cleansing meditation is one of the simplest ways to unblock and rebalance the energies of your chakras, and when you do it – and keep doing it on a regular basis – you will undoubtedly improve your wellbeing.

There are a number of different healing by energy techniques for chakra cleansing, such as Reiki, yoga crystal healing, color therapy, foot reflexology, and others. All these therapies are simply tools that are available for you to choose from to 'kickstart' your own healing.

Your Self-Healing Abilities

Because the bottom line is, there is nothing outside of you that brings about your healing. You do it yourself. All a practitioner of this various alternative, healing by energy therapies will do is encourage your innate self-healing abilities.

So whilst you may find these techniques helpful, you don't actually need them. Chakras healing can be achieved in your own time, in your own space, and without props or expense, simply by getting relaxed, visualizing your chakras, and imagining breathing in the color of each one in turn:

  • Red for the root chakra
  • Orange for the sacral chakra
  • Yellow for the solar plexus chakra
  • Green for the heart chakra
  • Blue for the throat chakra
  • Indigo for the third-eye chakra
  • Violet for the crown chakra

So how can doing this chakra cleansing meditation make a difference in your life?

1) If you are suffering from a chronic illness that no amount of conventional medical intervention seems to be able to shift, then the chances are the root cause of it will be an energetic imbalance in one of your chakras. Each chakra has a specific sphere of influence on the region of the body where it's situated.

2) If you find yourself repeatedly reacting emotionally to situations in a way that you don't like but which you seem unable to change.

3) If you keep attracting toxic relationships into your life, the same ones which leave you feeling drained, unfulfilled, or unsafe.