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Which Filling Equipment Is Best for Powder Products?

Don't agree with the first powder filling machine that falls on your inspection switch. Take the time to evaluate the consistency and effectiveness of the product using different types of filling equipment. Some of the most common types of filling equipment used in powder packaging include:

Semi-automatic screw filling machine: The screw type, one of the most widely used filling machines, has a vertical rotary screw that moves continuously to release the right amount of dust in one pack. You can also look for capsule fillers online.

Capsule filling machine: The company uses capsule filling machines for small and pharmaceutical filling activities. This machine can only handle a small amount of powder filling at a time and offers no scalable options. Capsule filling machines are one of the most widely used fillers on the market today.

Automatic vertical form filling machine: This popular machine combines three packaging steps. Automatic vertical form fillers can reduce steps, but companies have to select them based on the amount of powder they need. An economical machine for vertical filling and formula sealing maximizes processes for powder products that require the highest degree of automation.

Net weight filler: Any filling machine that weighs goods before filling is a net weight filler. This semi-automatic or automatic filling machine can handle heavy powders and granulated products, and smooth out inconsistencies in irregular shaped granules.

Net weight fillers may not provide the consistency companies expect for fine powder products, and these systems can run slower than auger and cup fillers.

Understand the Process of Quality Encapsulation

Ever since their inception, capsules have been considered by most consumers to the most effective method of taking medication. Over the years, many drug-manufacturers such as Over-The-Counter analgesics developed the "capsule-shaped tablet" or "Caplet" to emphasize the effectiveness of their product, as well as to portray a positive association with more efficiently manufactured tablet pills.

Encapsulation refers to the technique of enclosing certain medicines inside the capsules, allowing them to be taken orally. You can also get semi-automatic capsule filler online.

Encapsulation is useful when the intended drug needs to be mixed with oil or other liquid to aid its absorption in the body. As a result, many consumers prefer capsules – easier to swallow and more effective.


There are two main categories of capsules:

Hard capsule: Usually a hard capsule consists of a hard shell in two halves that stick together and are filled with a prescribed medicine. This formulation is usually more suitable for dry and powdered drugs.

Soft capsules: Soft capsules are made whole and are primarily intended for active ingredients that are soluble in oil or other liquids.


One capsule contains the drug, usually in a small gelatin container that is easily digested by the body. Many drug manufacturers use capsules because of the nature of some drugs that make them difficult to make into tablet form. Tablet manufacturing requires a suitable binder which allows the drug to form a solid form without, however, adversely affecting its properties or bioavailability.