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Choose The Best Seeds Or Clones

Free from stress and pests

Before you buy cloned cannabis, take the time to examine the pests and causes of environmental stress. If the clone is contaminated, it can affect your future cannabis yield and spread easily to other plants if you are not careful.

For example, if one of the clone leaves has small holes or yellow dots, this can indicate that mites or other pests eat it. Also, make sure the leaves and stems of the clones are free of stains.

It is also important to pay attention to the cloning growth environment. Sometimes the fungus maintains the clone's growth environment. To get marijuana clones you can also opt for Los Angeles clones for sale.

If you observe insect activity in a growing environment, avoid buying branches in this shop.

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Limits of cannabis seed cultivation

When you start with cannabis seeds, you basically start from the beginning. For those who enjoy the process of growth from start to finish, the seed is the only way.

Choose the best seeds

When selecting seeds, pay attention to the size, color, and thickness of the outer shell. Immature cannabis seeds are usually small, brittle, wrinkled, and light gray or yellow.

Signs of old cannabis seeds are dryness, weakness, and the ability to crack easily between nails. They must be removed from the pile.

Healthy cannabis seeds are usually brown with a smooth outer layer. The shell must be strong, sturdy, and free of cracks when light pressure is applied.

Before buying cannabis seeds, you should ask the seller for proof of authenticity and recommendations for growth.

Lack of growing from seed

When planting cannabis from seeds, it is possible that not all seeds will take root effectively. If you let your seeds germinate before planting, chances are the seeds don't "grow". You will know that your seed has grown when the white root appears.