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The Detailed Shuffleboard History

Shuffleboard is a game that hit North America pretty hard, and it was firstly played in the 15th century. It's unbelievable to think back, paint a picture of how people played the game, however since years it's played more frequently in the United States and Canada.

It has taken a while for the game to gain some decent reputation, but today there is absolutely no question about whether the shuffleboard table is in or out. Games tend to receive more feedback, win more passionate players within a longer time frame.

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In fact, very few sport variants can tell and brag to have been standing on the top right after the sport was brought to us humans.

Since it has been played in Florida more frequently, the popularity of shuffleboard spread around the continent way faster than it did before. It is a game that is independent of age and body conditions.

Of course, a person should be relatively healthy, but nobody has to have ideal body weight, age, or other physical conditions which would be the only acceptable option. Indoor or outdoor playing shuffleboard is possible and made for both variants.

In winter you can comfortably enter a game hall and start with this brilliant indoor sport no matter how cold or warm it might be outside. It is the type that can be performed by family, friends, relatives and even the oldies under us. There are no limitations when it comes to age.