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Specific Video Services Can Make a Bigger Impact For Promotional Videos

There is a multitude of online video services available for different kinds of video streaming. Some services do better for promotional videos than others. Uploading a promotional video to a specific video service can give the business and product unique viewing experience.

YouTube is the obvious and often first choice for promotional video uploads. An embedded YouTube video on a company's website will give it a better chance of being on the front page of Google. This is because Google owns YouTube and those videos are given search results preference. YouTube videos can also boost SEO if the company has a YouTube account.

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Creative marketing opportunities can also be found with other video services. This service may limit the number of video views can receive. Other services may also have a lockdown imposed on users. Apple, Amazon, and Google is another major supplier of innovative marketing solutions.

This service restricts access to their videos to a specific device. Apple's iTunes video is only compatible with iOS devices. Amazon only allows instant service their spectacular video to be viewed on a personal computer or tablet Kindle. While Google is available for all users, there was a heavy promotional Android device.

Lock users into the world of their service mean users have continued to buy the hardware each of these services. Apple iTunes users prefer videos to other video services. Businesses would be smart to offer free downloads of promotional videos on iTunes. iTunes also allows the pages of companies that will be created. Businesses can explore these pages while waiting to download them.