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Some Tips To Remember While Using Amazon Flex App

Choosing Your Schedule

Driving to Amazon Flex is a little different than driving for Lyft and Uber. You can get details on the internet about the process of download amazon flex app for android and iPhone and moreover the basic requirements for the registration of the driver.

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You can not just turn on your application and start to drive whenever you want. With Amazon Flex, you have to pre-book your time by claiming the shift-or block, as Amazon calls them.

Amazon Flex Block

Each block is three to four hours and a decent amount of money. Block released the claim 24 hours before they were set to begin. At that point, you can check out the blocks available in the application. To claim a block, just click and you will receive a confirmation message in the application. Amazon boasts that the driver can make $ 18-25 per hour and gives the package to the customer.

What to Expect as drivers Amazon Flex

Flex drivers generally can expect to pick up a package from Amazon and drop facility to their customers in their area. When you start, you choose a shed that you will take from.

In the middle of your submission, you also have the option to take the "Instant Quote" that appears in your area, allowing you to earn some extra money. It can be from  Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime, or Amazon Restaurants.

Amazon Instant Quote Flex

The cool thing about Amazon fresh, prime, and the restaurant is that customers can tip you. Amazon takes none of the tips, so do a good job. Good Luck!